There are many reasons why a business should invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), but here we’re going to tell you the 5 key benefits and why you absolutely need it more than ever as we approach 2020!

Firstly, what is SEO?

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a digital marketing strategy that increases organic traffic to your website by improving your visibility in the organic search results. This includes “natural” results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, often positioned between paid ad listings. Organic is what many people refer to as the “free” listings in the SERPS as you do not have to pay Google (or others) to appear there. However, whether your business is B2B, B2C or an ecommerce website, getting the top position in the SERPs is no mean feat. Good SEO is not simply keyword rankings; it’s also about great user experience, highly relevant content, domain authority and so much more. This makes the expertise of an SEO agency like HeadRed invaluable.  

Top 5 Benefits of SEO

#1 Increase Brand Visibility & Gain Qualified Traffic ✅

The statistics show that nearly 80% of users ignore paid advertisements in the Google search results, instead preferring to click on an organic listing. So first of all, your website needs SEO to ensure that it is ranking organically for relevant searches. If your website does not appear for brand specific searches or keyword searches for the products and services that you provide, customers will simply never find you. It’s no secret that to get the best return on investment, your website needs to appear on page 1 of Google. In fact, recent 2019 reports have shown that the #1 result in organic search results get 31.7% of all clicks. And the truth is, without even the basic elements of SEO in place, your website is never going to rank well and drive qualified traffic. Better visibility in the SERPS, therefore, is one of the key advantages of SEO.  

#2 Beat Competitors In Your Location ✅

One of the great things about SEO is that it can work for businesses of all sizes, so even small local businesses can succeed online. This is where Local SEO comes in.  By building a local online presence, local optimisation strategies can drive relevant traffic to your website in key areas and win local leads that may otherwise go to the big names that dominate your industry. What’s more, the Google search results have rapidly evolved over the last year and so it’s no longer just about “natural” organic listings. With the introduction of Rich Snippet boxes, Local Pack results and Business Knowledge Panels, there is now even more opportunity for SEO. With these new features, Google is presenting information in new ways in order to deliver the best results to users in as few clicks as possible. So not only does your website need to be optimised for keyword searches to improve organic click-through-rate, it also needs to be optimised for user experience and relevancy, so you can show Google that you’re the best company in your niche and nab a featured snippet spot in the SERPs. And this is exactly what a professional SEO strategy can achieve. Find out how we do it here at HeadRed.  

#3 Build Brand Trust & Credibility ✅

SEO is important for establishing domain authority and showing search engines that you’re a credible and trusted business. Google uses a metric called E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) to identify quality pages that should be ranked highly, and so it’s important for a business to publish high quality content that is relevant, unique and industry specific. All areas of your online presence need to be maintained for quality and consistency, including your branding, landing page content, blog posts and social media engagement. Whilst it is not a quick process increasing domain authority with SEO, increased trust from search engines will ultimately lead to better SERPs visibility, and nothing boosts trust with users more than a listing right on top of the search results.  

#4 Effective Long-Term Marketing Investment ✅

A common objective to SEO is that it takes too long to deliver results, and this leads many to Paid Ads for the “quick wins” that they can deliver. Whilst these fast leads are undeniably valuable to a business, the beauty of SEO is that it’s a marketing investment that delivers long-term and long-lasting results. When you turn-off your paid adverts that’s it, you’re no longer visible. But when you ingrain SEO into everything you do over time, your business is going to see sustained growth through essential organic visibility.  

#5 Delivers Valuable Insights ✅

Another advantage of SEO is that it provides valuable insights that you can learn from. With Google Analytics tracking and useful tools like Search Console, you can develop your online strategy using heaps of data collected from your website. This could be indexing insights for better technical SEO, bounce rate reports to evaluate content quality or heat maps to understand user behaviour on your site. If you work with a SEO specialist, they will provide you with regular reports on key metrics like organic traffic and conversions, and identify what’s working (and what isn’t). Here at HeadRed, we utilise a mix of marketing tools including Screaming Frog, SEM Rush, Crazy Egg and Advanced Web Ranking to analyse the impact of our SEO campaigns and identify new opportunities or areas of improvement. This means that our clients are always progressing towards their digital marketing objectives.

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