My First week at HeadRed Media

My First Week working for HeadRed, an Internet digital marketing company, for the first time, in a new city, a new chapter awaits.

The First Day

It started with the morning, I work up full of energy, excited for the challenges that awaited me on my first day. I would say I’m a fairly confident person, that’s just who I am, however as I approached the HeadRed building, I began to feel slightly nervous. I suppose that’s normal for a first day. As I walked through the door I saw Robbie’s cheeky grin emerge, the door shut behind me and I embraced my new colleagues and SEO team. I must say it was a nice welcoming. My Desk was all set up and good to go. The first part of the morning involved me getting all signed up with logins and passwords. After settling in, I attended my first team meeting with Russell, Jodie, Hannah and Robbie our Marketing Director, The Dream Team. Every Monday morning we have a meeting, to discuss what the latest activities on our clients. During the meeting I was introduced to the 10 clients that I would be managing, which was pretty cool. There were times in the meeting, where I had no clue what some of the conversations were about and times where I could relate, from my University experiences, Which was good. After the meeting I stayed behind to have a brief with Robbie chat on what tasks he would like me to complete from throughout that week. There it was, I was equipped with everything I needed to get started.

My tasks for the week:

• Going through each one of my clients and developing a document based on the research I have been gathering for each one. This has enabled me to understand what each client does, what industry they operate in, and their social media activities and really understand the core values of each client. • I have also been putting together a document on the different Digital marketing channels with brief descriptions. Such as: Display Advertising, E-mail marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing (Pay per click, Pay per Sale, and Pay per Lead). • Going through Google Analytics Academy so far, has been extremely useful, covering topics such as, Micro and Macro conversions, Lead generations (collecting user information for sales teams to connect to potential leads), E-commerce sites (selling products or service) and different Segmentation methods. • More recently I have been editing different Facebook pages for Leisure Leagues and updating their locations and inviting members to join the new groups. In the coming weeks I will be putting all this learning to good use such as uploading blogs, posts, promo and web content for my clients. Overall it has been a really enjoyable week; I’m starting to learn something new each day and slowly starting to settle in as part of the team.
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