So last week myself and 3 other SEO’ers from the team here at HeadRed hit BrightonSEO to top up on our SEO knowledge and get chatting to others in our industry. Having come away from the event with loads of great new thoughts, processes and a list of new tools we could implement in our clients campaigns we thought we would each try and summarize our favourite talks into a few quick BrightonSEO roundup blogs (us and the rest of the SEO community). Personally I have a great love for content and am really interested in the processes that go into making content work. When I first came into SEO if you’d have asked me what creating content involved I would have said, well writing a piece of text around a subject (how naive I was). You see many people absorbing content or even some of those creating copy don’t realise just how much goes into the content process;
  • Come up with a subject which your audience will actually be interested in.
  • This involves finding what is being searched and shared at the moment.
  • Actually typing up your piece.
  • Creating a great title.
  • Getting it out there and shared !
  My favourite talks at Brighton were obviously the content ones which I found particularly useful. To mix it up a bit with my roundup I thought I would TRY and create a poem roundup of Aleyda and Laura’s talks.

Aleyda Solis- How to leverage content curation to build links and grow your search visibility

Aleyda’s talk was all about content curation,

gathering together large amounts of info

and turning it into a more digestible form of presentation.


Content curation helps to develop fresh content,

for both panda and your website viewers,

and so results in time well spent.


Finding, grouping, organizing and sharing,

There are lots of different curation tools

which can help you stop despairing.


Start with following the relevant topics,

through sharing sites and newsreaders,

find this months hot content gossip.


Using RSS, ifttt and Google Docs

to export/import your favourite pieces,

to create content stocks.


Take a peek at what’s sharing at the moment,

on facebook and twitter

from your main opponents.


Links is another way you can test out post popularity,

identifying the link numbers and developing similar content

can give you more subject variety.


There’s no point developing content if its not searched for,

forgetting to test search volumes by keywords

well thats a content creation flaw.


So find out what’s out there in terms of current content,

and recreate, and develop your own,

to have your own content creation ascent.


Laura Crimmons- Breaking SEO out of silos with PR and Marketing 

Giving PR a seat at your SEO table

helps bring the team together

and make communication consistency more able.


Communication activity success

requires content curation

but also the ability to impress.


So PR’s got some great content and they’re sending it out,

so lets work together because without SEOers

how can they be sure to gain the valued clout.


We’ve all had bad experiences working in teams,

so show’em what you’ve got and done

let your successes gleam.


Its all about making marketing teams feel included,

without them outreach is so much harder,

so don’t get deluded.


As SEO’ers we have set procedures and key skills,

but the digital landscape is changing,

so we need to get away from our drills.


It’s more about content and SEO optimisation,

getting shares from social

and value from the destination.


So pick out a bottle, and pull out a seat,

its time to team up with PR

and pull off some mean feats.

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