Simon Griffiths – Digital Marketing Assistant

My first week in the real working world of Digital Marketing, it has been fantastic! Settling into the working environment was easier than I anticipated; HeadRed gave me a warm welcome and were attentive to my questions. This allowed me to fit right in and ask lots of questions without feeling like a nuisance! I choose HeadRed because I’d heard from the previous placement, Miles Deans that it was the best training ground to learn and apply your digital marketing knowledge. This spurred on my passion to work for the Coventry based firm and kick-start my marketing career.

Feeling Like A Marketer

After only spending a week at HeadRed I have learnt a great deal about Google Analytics, HTML, SEO tools, the importance of keywords and much more. After learning about digital marketing terms at De Montfort University I am now picking them up at work between conversations with colleagues. My marketing vocabulary has increased dramatically during just 1 week with HeadRed. I’ve begun to understand that speaking the same language is important, for example I’ve had to use marketing terms in meetings to describe situations.

Favourite bits of the job

It feels very satisfying when you know that you have contributed to the companies work in some way. Compared to that of any large company, where you’re contribution is difficult to see in the bigger picture. I also enjoy being taught by colleagues who have had years of experience in the SEO field and working closely alongside them to learn the ins and outs of the digital world. The SEO team has already taught me a great deal about writing content, analysing data and a host of other invaluable skills.

What I’m looking forward to

I’m really excited about the rest of my time with HeadRed and having hands on experience working with clients. In addition, I’m eager to see tangible results from the work that I do for my clients. On my list of things to learn more about are design, pay-per-click advertising and HTML. HeadRed has a friendly work culture that has made me feel at home; their work environment helps develop your creativity. I’m looking forward to developing friendships with all the crew here and learning from experts in the field of marketing.    
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