Godiva Bearings Godvia Bearings was formed in 1977, specialising in the niche markets of needle and rod end bearings. In 2004, additional product ranges were added resulting in Godiva Bearings supplying a complete range of products across the UK. The HeadRed creative team were given the task to create a brand new website for the company. It was decided that the website would follow a superhero theme to represent the strength of the products the company has to offer. With HeadRed’s extensive knowledge of the superhero world, we knew we were the right people for the job. The Godiva Bearings website follows a comic book style and introduces Godiva Man as a main feature across the site. Browse through the site and read through the comic book strips to discover the companies story so far and products they have to offer. With an ever increasing product range and a brand spanking new website, these are very exciting times for Godiva Bearings. Take a look at the new Godiva Bearings website here: http://www.godiva-bearings.com/
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