HeadRed Placement Summary – Benjamin Coe
It feels weird to be writing my final blog, uploading my final social posts and to even be counting down the hours to my final day.
New Site Launch: Peacock Insurance
Peacock Insurance is a specialist insurance intermediary who provides personal and commercial business insurances. Peacock required a website which centred around clear call-to-action with the site data remaining the same.
How To Do SEO For Recruitment in 2019
It seems there’s a recruiter at every corner these days, it’s a massive industry with lots of companies on the look-out for their latest recruit. It’s no wonder it’s one
New Site Launch: Applause IT
Applause IT provide specialist IT Recruitment solutions to IT and tech departments across the UK. Applause IT required a new responsive site to reflect their social recruiting stance in the
Improve Your Local Search Rankings with Google My Business
“The latest netmarketshare report shows that 78.01% of searches were powered by Google and only 7.16% by Bing and 3.63% by Yahoo” (August 2018) If you’re looking to improve your local rankings
My First Week at HeadRed
Ben Coe – Digital Marketing Assistant I’ve learnt so much in my first week, from new terms, new ways of working and new programmes that I have never used before,
Should we place all our marketing efforts in mobile-first?
I recently read a post criticising the concept of ‘mobile first’ in that it’s not the way to deliver a product offering to customers, and therefore efforts and budgets shouldn’t
Google Ranking Drop Diagnosis: The Definitive Guide
Have you noticed a sudden drop in your keywords overnight? Or a slow-decline overtime? After reading this you’ll have a better idea of why this happened and actionable steps on
Why Google Reviews Matter More Than Ever
Consumers are more and more treating Google as if it were a trusted friend in terms of recommendations. It holds the most credibility when compared to other reviewing platforms. Don’t
Google Launches New Maps Platform to Streamline Google APIs. How Will It Affect You?
A major update on the Google Maps API platform is launching today from Google. It’s one of the biggest changes that Google has made on this platform, and is quite
History of Voice Search SEO & 5 Ways To Optimize For It
  What is Voice Search Optimization? Voice search optimization is the process of increasing the online visibility of your website when someone uses speech recognition technology to search for something.
Driving Traffic To Your Site From Social Media
Understanding your audience Social media usage varies from platform to platform, so understanding where your audience sits is the most crucial element to setting out the social media aspect of
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