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These days, pay per click advertising is highly effective at driving traffic to your website, showing optimised adverts at key moments in your potential customers' online searches. With our knowledge of paid search, Google Ads and PPC management, our expert team will devise a professional PPC strategy that appeals to your prospective clients and hits all of your business goals - helping you to boost brand awareness, gain qualified leads and enjoy an excellent ROI. Results will be guaranteed by using the best tools available to create engaging ad copy and paid advertising campaigns, generating success that other digital marketing agencies can only dream of.

Are you looking to take centre stage in the search engines? Enquire about pay per click campaigns at one of the Midlands' most reliable PPC management companies and watch your business grow.

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Because we're an experienced Google Adwords agency, we won't just set and forget. Instead, we'll constantly monitor your PPC ads to ensure maximum profitability and optimal return on investment. Whether you're new to pay-per-click advertising or already have several paid ads on the go, we have the knowledge and the skills to optimise your results, overseeing everything from strategy to implementation.
As a long-established Bing and Google Ads Certified Partner, HeadRed currently manages Adwords accounts ranging from monthly budgets of £250 to £130,000, tailoring our approach to every type of business. We’re well-versed in devising PPC solutions that improve return on ad spend (ROAS), decrease cost-per-acquisition (CPA) and identify high-quality leads ready to purchase. And that’s just the beginning.
With 90% of all internet searches taking place on Google, paid advertising is now more vital than ever. Our PPC strategists will take you to the top of the search results for your target keywords and phrases and keep you there for as long as possible. If you’re not investing in Google AdWords, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow your business.

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Bespoke automation to improve efficiency.

In addition to being familiar with the industry's best PPC management tools, like Google Ads Scripts, Bid Management Systems and Network Editors, we've also developed several custom-built automation systems to improve campaign efficiency and reduce management time.

This is something that not every PPC agency can do, so with HeadRed, you're guaranteed results.

SEO - Doorfit
Reduction in
cost / lead.
Revive UK.
Mobile car repair specialists Revive UK wanted an automated PPC solution to help reduce various management costs and standardise results.

We brought everything under one roof and created a budget control automation system that allowed the Central Revive office to control the budgets. During this time, we also optimised all of their accounts, improved tracking and reduced cost per lead, allowing the retail side of the business to generate a sustainable return.

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SEO - Revive UK
Increase in
EF Cars.
EF Cars came to us after implementing unsuitable advice from their Google Rep. We helped tidy things up by removing Google’s recommendations, implementing best practices and reworking campaign targeting.

Our input quickly doubled the number of leads EF Cars were getting prior to implementing Google suggestions. In fact, our PPC work has been so successful that the client has recently cut back on media spend to cope with the number of leads coming through.

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pay per click advertising

Even though Google Ads dominate the search engine market, many other types of paid media can help drive revenue too. eBay PPC and Amazon PPC are two areas in which we've helped our clients achieve growth, with a focus on Cost of Sale (COS) improvements guaranteeing optimum performance for all concerned.

Search Ads, Display Ads, Video and Remarketing - whether on Google or a number of different platforms - can also give you a leg up on the competition and help you meet your goals. It’s this unique approach to PPC advertising that will ensure that you target customers across all these touchpoints and join the fast track to success.

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