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Fed up with losing out in the search rankings? We’ve got your back. For over twenty years, our experienced team of digital marketers has helped businesses throughout Birmingham increase their search engine visibility and drive more qualified traffic to their websites through time-tested local and national SEO campaigns. .
And with Google search constantly evolving and new areas of opportunity opening with every update, having a knowledgeable SEO consultant in your corner is now more valuable than ever. HeadRed is a

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with a proven track record for helping clients from all industries not only reach the first page but stay there for good.
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What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of ensuring that every aspect of a website is sufficiently optimised for when it is crawled by search engines. Without taking active steps to make sure this is done, it's almost impossible for a website to rank competitively for any of its target keywords.
HeadRed is a well-established

SEO company located near Birmingham

that provides a selection of strategic SEO services to clients in the West Midlands and beyond, drawing on years of experience to help businesses meet their objectives. Our SEO activity includes but is not limited to keyword research, page rewrites and link building, with time also spent on more technical SEO tasks such as fixing broken links, revising meta data and implementing schema markup.
When you come on board, we'll take the time to get to grips with both you and your industry before devising a tailored SEO campaign based on your requirements. We'll then monitor your site's performance and make continuous improvements based on our findings. It really couldn't be simpler.

Our Professional SEO Services.

On-Page SEO:

Beginning with your homepage, we’ll use on-page SEO techniques to ensure that every part of your site is fully optimised, targeting the most relevant keyterms for your pages and structuring them accordingly for the best ranking and user experience.

Local SEO:

Got a physical location? Put yourself ahead of the competition by doubling down on your local SEO. Our work in this area will help you build a strong online presence that attracts the attention of those nearby, and maybe those from a little further out too. From Google My Business to location-based keywords, our SEO company can do it all.

Technical SEO:

There’s more to great SEO than great copywriting. We can carry out all manner of technical SEO tasks behind the scenes to ensure that your site is sending the right signals to the search engines. All in a day’s work for our SEO experts.

Off-site SEO:

In some cases, the work you do elsewhere can be just as important as the work you do on-site. Our off-site SEO service, which includes strategic link-building, is essential to your website’s domain authority and trustworthiness, greatly improving your chances of ranking.

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SEO - Doorfit
Increase in
Since becoming our client, architectural hardware and garage door specialists Doorfit have seen a significant improvement in organic traffic. Because of our on-page SEO tweaks and keyword strategies, their site saw a 46% increase in conversions over the course of a year. We also improved their bounce rate and built on their average session duration.
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SEO - Revive UK
Increase in
Revive UK.
Mobile car repair company Revive! have taken things up a gear since coming on board. Over the last year, we’ve increased their page sessions and users, as well as their search engine visibility. They’ve even increased their goal completions by 76% against previous seasonal trends, thanks to some much-needed account maintenance.
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Birmingham SEO Experts

Based around half an hour from Birmingham, HeadRed is dedicated to delivering outstanding national and local SEO results for businesses in the second city and the wider West Midlands region. With a team of experienced professionals and an unparalleled understanding of the latest search engine optimisation techniques ready to go, we truly are a digital marketing agency with a difference.
Looking for an uplift in site traffic, improved user experience and an organic search strategy that puts your website right in front of your target audience? Talk to our talented SEO consultants today.

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