HeadRed Google Premier Partners 2023 It’s official! HeadRed’s paid search experts have been named Google Premier Partners by the world’s most popular search engine. Typically awarded to the top 3% of advertising agencies, we’re one of only 201 UK-based Google Ads companies to receive this prestigious accolade, with a total of 3,065 achieving Google Premier Partner status worldwide.    But what does this mean for you and your business? Let’s explore our new Google accreditation in more detail below. 

How We Became A Google Premier Partner 

There are many factors involved in becoming recognised Google Premier Partners, all of which are based on the successful running of clients’ Google PPC accounts. The most valuable of these are:   
  • Client growth – Achieving demonstrable growth for clients both new and existing, which is measured by year-on-year Google ad spend and revenue 
  • Client retention – Delivering tangible results and superior customer service to clients from all industries, retaining a certain percentage of these customers year-on-year 
  • Staff certification Having several certified experts on our PPC team, with at least one certification each in Search, Display, Video, Shopping and Apps
  • Ability to manage different campaign requirements – Being adept at managing accounts and campaigns with higher spend requirements, thereby demonstrating an ability to achieve success regardless of campaign size 
  • Minimum media spend under management allocation – Being responsible for looking after a certain amount of media budget every month.
As one of Google’s most trusted PPC agencies in the UK, we are passionate about using the latest tools and techniques to help our clients maximise their investment in paid search. This covers everything from using custom in-house solutions to maximising more advanced API integrations – in essence, allowing us to send thousands of optimisation changes a second directly to Google’s servers for processing.   This committment to excellence will be made even easier with our newfound access to product betas, offers, insights and rewards as a result of assuming the role of Google Premier Partner. The future certainly looks bright for HeadRed.   

Why Is A Google Partner Accreditation So Significant? 

Because Google run the world’s largest ad network, becoming a Google Premier Partner agency is one of the highest seals of approval in the realm of pay per click advertising. It means that we have been recognised as a digital marketing company with proven expertise in helping businesses achieve their growth goals via exemplary Google Ads management. This is an accolade made even more significant when you consider that there are over 7,000 reported digital advertising agencies in the UK   Going forward, our status as Google Premier Partners will enable us to make use of the exclusive partner benefits listed above to ensure that all our clients – regardless of media budget size – continue to meet their growth and sales targets.    To find out what our Google Ads specialists can do for your business, book a free no obligation call with HeadRed today.    
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