Every industry has it’s own line up of usual suspects that are referred to as being at the top of their game. In the SEO industry there are a number of leading sites that are ran by some very enthusiastic and charismatic individuals. As well as a little tip of the hat to one of our own, here is a look at some of the most well known names with the search engine and SEO world.

Rand Fishkin Rand is an SEO entrepreneur and CEO and founder of SEOmoz, the SEO software site that provides great tools for monitoring SEO campaigns and also has a great online community. Rand got involved with search marketing in 2002 and became very involved with forums and blogging over the following years before setting up SEOmoz in 2004. SEOmoz  has grown to be one of the main go to sites in the search engine marketing industry and Rand is so integrated into this that he has been invited to speak to the search engineers at Google. He has become a permanent fixture at SEO events and conferences over the world where Rand can be recognised by his trademark yellow Puma trainers.

Get involved with Rand: Blog: Rand’s Blog Twitter: @randfish

Danny Sullivan For the latest search engine marketing and industry news, Search Engine Land is for many SEO-ers the go to place and the main man behind this is Danny Sullivan. Danny has had an interest in search engines since 1995 when he studied how they indexed websites. With his history, knowledge and position as editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, Danny is considered a “search engine guru”, so when he speaks the SEO blogosphere listens.

Get involved with Danny: Twitter: @dannysullivan

Matt Cutts Mr. Cutts is the head of webspam at Google and has been with them since 2000 so has a lot of history with the biggest search engine. Matt was responsible for the first version of the Google SafeSearch family filter and now focuses all his efforts on cutting down webspam. He regularly gives advice and help relating to Google search and is often the first port of call for questions and reassurance after the latest Google algorithm update.

Get involved with Matt: Blog: Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO Twitter: @mattcutts

Sergey Brin & Larry Page These two are the reason we have Google. They invented the technology, the company and the verb and changed the way people search on the web. Because of the importance of Brin and Page, we’ll take a look at the pair in a future blog post.
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