What Was
The Brief.

Now in its tenth year, this well aged festival is the go-to event for the nation's Whiskey Sommeliers.

The festival partner, Nickolls and Perks, a long-standing customer of HeadRed's and that already blended relationship meant that we were the natural choice of who should redesign their existing website.

What We
Like a fine whiskey, HeadRed handcrafted an elegant, sophisticated design and incorporated this into the already established Wordpress install. The HeadRed team concentrated on delivering a responsive website centred on functionality and user engagement, by providing users with information from many social channel sources.

There has been no sour mash from the Whiskey community, in fact, all the project Sommelier’s and exhibitors were so delighted with the HeadRed batch, we’ll always welcome at the festival for a dram or two.

Whisky Festival Mobile Preview
Whisky Festival Desktop Previews
Whisky Festival Desktop Previews
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