Building a website is a big commitment and one that we all want to get right! So how do you know whether you need a bespoke website or you can build one yourself using a template? There are many advantages and disadvantages to both options and we’re here to help you pick the best one for you. Discover the pros and cons of bespoke web design and template web design and find out which one is best for you and your business. 

Bespoke Web Design

Bespoke Web Design A bespoke website is built from scratch and fully tailored to your requirements. These sites are fully customisable and are designed to meet your business goals. Read on to discover if bespoke web design is the right way forward for you. 

Bespoke Web Design Pros

  • Fully Customisable. Building a site from scratch allows you to fully customise it to meet the needs of your business and its customers. A bespoke website can feature all of your company branding, including your colours and fonts, to make it stand out from the crowd. The design possibilities are endless. Web developers are trained to add complicated features and coding to your site, most of which a  template would not feature. A web designer can help you visualise what your site will look like and only push your site live once you are fully happy with it.    
  • Support Business Growth. As your business grows, so can your site! One of the biggest advantages of bespoke web design is that you can ask your developer to create a new page for you when required. Let’s say your business is doing well so you decide to launch a new product. By working with your developer you can customise a page to suit your new product while keeping it in line with your current branding and theme. You can add whatever you want to this page, whether that be a different layout or a tool to customise your products online. In many cases, templates may not have what you are looking for in terms of design and features. Having a website that will grow with your business in the long run is highly beneficial. It allows users to become familiar with your site’s domain and will save you from needing to create a new site as your business grows and changes in the future. 
Man coding on 3 screens
  • Fix issues when needed. There is nothing worse than only being able to speak to a chatbot when you are in need of help. With bespoke website design, you will be able to speak to the developer who created your site when you need support with any issues you may be facing. Problems with coding or a bug on your site? Your developer can fix small issues quickly, with no questions asked. 
  • SEO support. SEO is extremely important. A website that ranks highly on Google is more likely to be clicked on so an optimised site is a must. A bespoke website allows you to take SEO into consideration. With a bespoke website, SEO can be built in before it’s pushed live, making it easier to change when considering optimising your site in the future. Your site speed and navigation are all factors that will improve your search engine rankings and these factors are all considered by web developers too. 

Bespoke Web Design Cons

  • Costly and takes a long time.  As a bespoke web design is built from scratch, you are paying for someone’s time to build a site for you. The time taken to build a website will vary depending on who’s making the site and their timeline. The more complex the site, the longer it will take and the more it will cost. But if it’s built well, you will be left with a unique, user-friendly website perfect for your business. Get in touch with a creative design company to design and help you visualise what your site will look like once completed.   

Web Design Templates 

Web Design Template A template web design is a pre-made template that has the layout and design of a website already in place. All you need to do is add in your content. You can add copy and images to the design if the template you have chosen has this in its layout. In terms of customising a web design template, you will be able to change the font (only available fonts on the template site), colours and backgrounds to best suit your brand. A template web design is suited to smaller businesses that want to be able to create a simple website in a shorter amount of time. But is a web design template right for your business?

Web Design Templates Pros 

  • Price. Template web designs can work out to be cheaper than bespoke web designs. This is due to this style of web design being something that has already been made. All you need to do is add text and images to the template. A template has already been built and is ready to use, so the cost will not be as much as if you were to hire someone to build a website from scratch.   
Web Design Templates
  • Quick and easy. By using a template, you can build your website yourself pretty quickly. Adding text and images to a template is simple and takes little time. For most templates, you will be able to drag and drop content into your chosen template with ease. 
  • User-friendly. If you are not very tech-savvy, a template web design is best in terms of usability. Template website design services even feature tips or tutorials if you are creating your website on a website builder site such as Wix. But these features are limited! If you wanted a particular feature on your site that wasn’t already in your chosen template this may be very difficult to add in.  

Web Design Templates Cons

  • Little flexibility.  There’s not a lot of flexibility when using templates as they only be customised to a certain extent. Let’s say you want to add a map to your Contact page to show where you are located. If this is not already a part of your template you may not be able to add it in.  Developers, on the other hand, can build your site so that it includes features like a map or a live Instagram feed on your website. You may find it difficult to find a template for these kinds of features.
  • Limited customisation. Branding is key for websites to make sure users know they are on the right site. But customisation is limited when using a template. Your brand colours may not be available in your chosen templates, which can be annoying! If a developer were to create a bespoke web design for you, your brand colours will be incorporated into your web design. 
  • Not a unique customer experience. A positive and enjoyable user experience is key to keeping customers around when they visit your website. Users want to feel like your website is built for them, rather than a generic site that has not been customised. Losing the attention of your customers on your website will make it difficult to win them back. From general navigation to purchasing a product, the user experience needs to be created with your target customers in mind. 
  • Not optimised for SEO. If you want your website to rank highly on Google, a template web design may not be the option for you. Template web design comes with limited SEO optimisation options. With so much competition on Google, now is the time you need SEO more than ever! Page URLs and meta tags if not optimised can negatively affect your Google rankings and not all templates will allow you to change these key SEO features. An SEO company can help you improve your website rankings on Google but templates may only be able to access basic SEO features rather than technical SEO.

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